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Transforming Leaders Relief Efforts

Today, Transforming Leaders Academy is at the forefront of relief efforts in the community extending our reach far beyond Gwinnett county. Our warehouses, logistics expertise and connections with U.S. retailers enable us to serve the community. We source for medical supplies, over-the-counter meds, health care items, clothing, food and much more.

Transforming Leaders Academy cultivates relationships with big-brand retailers, Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot and other national charities, we obtain invaluable overstocked items including diapers, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment.

We then pass along these top-quality products to those who needs them, from refugees camps; to underserved individuals that comes to us for help. Of course, we still provide literally truckloads of brand new items to our own community —seniors, families hit hard by the current economic situations and anyone who needs a helping hand.

When you give to Transforming Leaders Academy you’re helping cover the costs of warehousing, transporting, and distributing trailer-loads of relief to underserved communities, individuals and homelessness in the neighborhood.

In times of crisis, our community and our friends can count on Transforming Leaders Academy to deliver the goods they need to survive – with the heartwarming reassurance that they are not alone.

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